Can evaluate your needs, the marketplace, what your goals are and make strategic suggestions on where to start, what to do next.

Can write out marketing plans, create timelines, incorporate supplemental indies in a methodical and cost effective manner.

Can offer ease of aggregating sales, streams, social data to assist you market and spend your dollar more efficiently. 

Can get you Distribution through a major or indie company, which will give you transparent analysis.

Can help a label negotiate better deals with their distributor.

Can advise an artist what steps to take to advance their career.

Can assist hiring all radio format indie promotion teams, including mix show, specialty, grassroots, music row, media base and billboard.

Can create social media strategies, including TikTok, IG, stories, reels, FB, Twitch.

 Can assist in content creation. Videos for socials, advertisements, lyric videos.

Can coordinate vinyl, CD, Merch production and delivery.

Can assist with A&R, production and creative.

Can assist w/ Strategic Branding. Access to partners,  helping to figure out who you are and appeal to, focus initially to that audience and then expand.